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Being Sued by a Debt Collector

Being Sued by a Debt Collector

You may have a valid defense to fight the credit card lawsuit!

Many times collection agency laws are violated when you are sued for credit card debt.

Fortunately, Federal and State debt collection laws have been enacted to protect you from bad debt collection practices.



You only have a short time to respond to the collection lawsuit!

If you are being sued by a debt collector you need to speak with a skilled debt attorney immediately.

They are counting on you to not respond, which usually results in a default judgment.

A California default lawsuit judgment can be renewed every 10 years for the rest of your life!

Do not let their illegal practices ruin your life; let an experienced debt attorney represent you for no upfront attorney’s fees!

Steve Recordon understands your financial situation and in many cases can charge his attorney fees to the collection agency for violating fair debt collection laws.

Violations of Federal and State debt collection laws may entitle you to money damages paid by the debt collector.

Do not waste any time – contact us today. This is a very time sensitive situation!

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