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Dealing with Collection Attorneys


Dealing with Collection Attorneys

Dealing with debt collection attorneys can be extremely intimidating and many times frightening for consumers.


Dealing with attorneys in a debt collection lawsuit

Many people encounter collection attorneys that are less than professional and more like vultures, scavenging for the prey that is a debt. They can be patronizing, rude, and many times digging for your personal information to make their collection process easier by asking leading questions.

You may unknowingly give them information about your assets that you are not required to give prior to them obtaining a judgment against you.

Dealing with debt collection attorneys san diego

Always be cautious when dealing with collection attorneys because they are only interested in collecting your money.  Follow the link below to better educate yourself about your rights so you can be prepared if you do come in contact with a collection attorney.

Here are a few things to remember:
  • Open your mail and read collection letters.
  • Don’t make a small payment on an old debt as it can start the Statute of Limitations (the time limit a company has to file a lawsuit) all over again.
  • In California, the Statute of Limitations is four (4) years from the date of the last payment.
  • Telephone harassment is against both State and Federal laws.
  • Debt collectors must treat you with Dignity, Truth, Respect and Fairness.