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Child Custody

Child custody
There are two different terms when talking about “custody” of children. One is “legal custody” and the other is “physical custody”.

You can have sole legal custody or joint legal custody. You can have joint physical custody or primary residence with one parent with time sharing with the other.


Joint legal custody

Common in most dissolutions. It allows each party to have access to medical and school records pertaining to the minor child and be permitted to independently consult with any and all professionals involved with the minor child.

The parties share equally in decisions relating to the minor child’s care, upbringing, educational training, religious training, social and recreational activities, medical care and treatment, and treatment of emotional needs.


Physical Custody

Refers to the physical presence of the child in each parent’s home. There are endless combinations of physical custody/visitation schedules that can range from primary residence with one parent and a visitation schedule for the other, to equal sharing of the child’s time between the homes.