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San Diego divorce attorney advice
For over 30 years Kathy has focused her expertise into protecting the standard of living for people facing the challenges of divorce
San Diego Child Custody
Kathy Recordon has handled thousands of custody cases and knows what you need to consider in the difficult time of divorce
San Diego Attorney Divorce Mediation
With the expertise and guidance of an attorney who solely focuses on family law, you can finally get on with your lives in a cost effective manner
Military Divorce Specialist
Divorcing as an active or previous service member is much more difficult than a civilian. Protect your pension and well being with a military divorce expert


San Diego’s Divorce Attorney Kathy Recordon

Kathy Recordon Divorce and Family law attorney San Diego CA

Kathy has practiced Family Law exclusively since 1980.

She has been a San Diego Superior Court Settlement Judge (Pro Tem) since 1994, helping other lawyers and their clients resolve their cases without the necessity and expense of going through with an expensive trial.


Kathy is known for being completely honest with her clients, sometimes brutally so.

Some attorneys will promise anything to get a client but Kathy thinks that it is far better to be honest now, than to have a client slam out of the courthouse, mad as hell, because they weren’t expected the Court’s ruling.


Kathy has won numerous awards and certificates including outstanding achievement and distinguished service awards.

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Kathy is an expert in divorce and all aspects of family law including: