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Cost of Divorce

Cost of Divorce
How much does a Divorce Cost in San DiegoWhen it comes to getting straight prices for legal services, the task is nearly impossible. It’s not uncommon for lawyers to start with a low initial price, only to hit you with complications and increased costs later on. Many lawyers use their initial consultation as an opportunity to evaluate how much you can afford and then try to squeeze the maximum out of you. It should come as no surprise to discover that every client ends up paying a different rate for the exact same services.

Kathy believes in a “no surprises” approach to your legal costs. If you decide to retain counsel, she uses her case evaluation to discover everything she can about your case so that she can tell you with relative precision how much everything is likely to cost in advance. Rich or poor, Kathy’s rate for legal services is constant and never based on your net worth.

So how much does it cost?

The attorney’s fees for a summary divorce are $750. In order to qualify for this price, you and your spouse must both agree on everything, be married less than 5 years, own no real estate and have no children between you. For other, more involved divorce situations, the retainer depends on the complexity of the case. In the event that your case becomes more involved and the battle depletes your retainer, Kathy will let you make payments to cover any additional costs as they arise, instead of replenishing the retainer. As you think about your legal costs, keep in mind that Kathy accomplishes more per hour than other lawyers. Any attorney can charge less and work slower, but that’s just not Kathy’s style.